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High Quality Genuine Leather Designed Men Skull Buckle Belts

Product Description:

This is a unique leather belt with a skull buckle that is recommended to anyone who enjoys rock or punk styles. The classic Blue, Grey and Yellow color allow you to use them as an accessory for various cloth combinations. 

  • GENUINE LEATHER: These heavy duty rugged belts are made with quality craftsmanship and materials, with a leather strap & metals alloy buckle.
  • CUT OFF THE HIDE: Our Custom Handmade Leather Belts come right off the hide. One cut, no glue, just leather. Solid and durable, yet soft due to the light distressing. No layers or filler, this is all leather.
  • ULTRA PERFECT FIT & FUNCTION DETAILS: 5 punched holes for the best fitting, make you feel free to adjust the waistline so that you can be comfortable to wear, please see the attached ‘belt size’ picture for specific details.
  • STYLE and OCCASION: The belt is one piece design, environmental, no mercury, lead and other heavy metal. leather, flawless, top-quality, fit perfectly, Perfect for all Inches waist. All-match Fashion, Retro, Casual, Classical, always perfect match for most pants, jeans, work trousers, suit trousers, etc.
  • HIGHEST STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE: This Premium skull men's Two-Pronged leather belt construction offers high quality and durability, the belt is made with PU Faux Leather for long lasting, All men's belts pass rigorous quality inspections ensuring perfect belts reach the market.
  • ORDER WITH GRACE: If you are looking for the skull leather belt, just add the belt to your cart, its 100% satisfaction guaranteed, with a 7 days return policy as long it’s still in brand new condition.


Gender: Men
Belt Width: 3.4cm
Buckle Length: 6.5cm
Style: Novelty
Belts Material: Cowskin, Metal
Buckle Width: 3.9cm
Buckle material: Metals Alloy

Belt Size Charts:

If you're shopping for a new belt, especially online, it's important to understand how belts are sized. Finding the right size belt can be a little tricky since belts are sized differently than pants. However, with a little measuring and the right size chart, you can make sure your purchase fits perfectly.

Understanding Belt Sizing:
Although it seems like your belt size should be the same as your pants size, this isn't the case. Keep these important facts in mind as you shop:
Because you need extra material to go over your clothing and have a small amount of the belt leftover, belts are typically two inches larger than your waist or hip size.
1. Belts are sized to the middle hole, and there are usually five holes on a belt. This means that you have quite a bit of flexibility regarding the size you purchase.
2. In the United States, belts are measured in inches. However, most European countries measure belts in centimeters.
Two Ways to Find Your Belt Size
1. Measuring Yourself
Measuring your own waist or hip circumference is the most accurate way to find your belt size.
Put on a pair of pants that fit well and represents what you plan to wear with the belt.
a. Take a flexible measuring tape and thread it through the belt loops as you would a belt. Be sure you have the tape measure at the level of your waist or hips where you plan to wear the new belt.
b. Note your waist/hip circumference. Add two inches to this measurement to determine your belt size.
2. Measuring Your Existing Belt
If you already have a belt that fits well, measuring it can be an easy and effective way to find your size. 
Lay your belt on a flat surface, making sure the buckle isn’t folded. Orient the belt so the buckle is on the left.
a. With your measuring tape, measure from the far left end of the buckle to your favorite belt hole.
b.Purchase a belt that is this same length or slightly longer.

Sizing Details:

Due to extremely high demand, 2-4 weeks will be required for shipping


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